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Remcom is an Australian manufacturer of transportable remote communication platforms. Our products provide an alternative to the high costs of fixed radio base stations and are particularly applicable to the mining, exploration, construction and infrastructure sectors.  Our products feature:

Cost effectiveness.  The cost of the masts and civil works associated with fixed radio base stations vastly out-weigh the costs of the radio equipment itself. Considerable savings can be achieved by utilising a transportable and reusable platform containing an integrated communications base station.

Rugged construction. Our platforms are tough, cyclone-rated and based on a modular aluminium frame that is suitable for most outdoor applications.

Multiple power options. Use either solar, wind-power or the 240VAC-generator powered versions, supported by a large-capacity battery bank that enables 24-hour communication with minimal operating costs and virtually no requirement for ongoing operator intervention.

Voice and data communication. Communicate with remote sites—by voice or by data—from any worldwide location.  Obtain access to the internet and the public telecommunications infrastructure from your remote site.

Minimal setup.  The platform can be setup within a day using two men, since no concrete foundations are required with the standard 3-module frame which weighs less than 1.5 tonnes when deployed. 

Introducing the RCP-2

The RCP-2 represents the second generation of Remcom’s rugged, transportable communication platforms, and is available in two versions:

RCP-2A—A stand-alone platform containing only the DC power distribution system—powered by solar panels or wind generator.

RCP-2B—A pre-configured communications hub allowing access to and from remotely-located sites via the internet and the public telephone infrastructure.

Modular functionality

The frames of the RCP-2 are designed with the following features:

► Modular design (battery module, array frames module and mast/equipment enclosures modules)

► Large enough to house one 175W 4-panel solar array on each array module

► Self-contained compartment for twelve 900-AH battery cells

► A 26-RU outdoor powder-coated aluminium 19” rack enclosure with sun roof, double skin and ventilation

► A 9-m light duty telescopic mast

► Scalable design (site size increased by adding more bolt-on modules)

► Optional mounting arrangements for wind generators and VSAT dishes


RCP-2B functional configuration

As a pre-configured communications hub, the RCP-2B is of modular design and is customised for specific customer communication requirements. This includes any or all of the following functionality:

► Wireless LAN access at remote sites

► Telecommunications at remote sites

► Remote equipment monitoring—allowing staff to monitor the status of 
remote equipment from any location around the world.

► UHF radio stand-alone base station, voice or 
data, either analogue or digital services, 
optionally integrated to the internet.

► UHF radio duplexer / repeater station, 
optionally integrated to the internet.

Read more about our new generation RCP-2 remote communication platform, or Contact Us to discuss how Remcom can solve your communications needs.