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About Us

Remcom, sister company of Milpeak and TPE Services, specialises in providing remote-communication systems and managed services for mining companies and construction projects. We use a combination of public infrastructure, VSAT, PMR, Wireless IP and microwave-based solutions to provide turnkey managed solutions for mine and project offices anywhere in the world. 

Our solutions focus on analysing the business requirements of the organisation and putting together a complete package, staged if necessary, to meet those needs using any style of communications. We also carry out least cost analysis to ensure that the package is as competitively priced as possible within the business requirements of the project.

We can employ remote diagnostics on our systems to effectively maintain and predict failures—reducing down time and the requirement for specialist personnel on site.

We also provide turnkey platform solutions using our patent-pending aluminium constructed modules, containerised base stations (including office space if required), semi trailer based and portable building based solutions. We can supply all or any of the following components:

• Platforms
• Mains, solar and wind-powered DC supplies
• Radio systems
• PABX systems
• IP and internet connectivity using public carriers or private satellite networks
• Entertainment systems such as TV, radio and internet


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