by Discount Bluehost

Case Studies

The following case studies represent the range of projects for which our remote communication platforms are well suited.



Start-up Mine Site (Phase 1)

Site Characteristics

► Less than 5 people on site

► Predominantly civil works staff on site

► Site is 80Km from the closest town and staff do not live on site

► The project office is in the town

► No cellular coverage available

► Requires communications for safety and efficiency

► Mine will grow significantly during construction and operations with staff living on site



► Simple 2-way radio system for communication between staff on site. Use of a UHF repeater on a portable platform, giving a range of 10KM+ for portables and mobiles

► Connection of the radio repeater to a VSAT based internet connection for access to the PSTN and to a fixed console at both the town project office

► Addition of a VSAT system to facilitate connection to the internet, VoIP telephony and possibly the company IT network

► IP telephone on site, (can be fixed on the platform or connected via a Wireless LAN)

► Platform is self powered, (Hybrid solar and wind powered supply)

► Mobile radios installed in vehicles, and Portable transceivers - pre-programmed to provide simple means of calling emergency numbers

► Remote monitoring of the site equipment to reduce requirement for on-site maintenance by technicians



Mine Site Construction (Phase 2)

Site Characteristics

► 120+ staff on site

► Mix of mine and sub contractor staff on site - some itinerant

► Staff living on site

► The project office on site

► No cellular coverage available

► Requires communications for safety and efficiency

► Requirement for IT services (wireless and cable based)

► Site wide emergency communications and systems in place

► Haul roads under construction (50Km in length)



► Multi channel UHF radio system in place at construction site.

► UHF CB repeater on site for use by itinerant contractors.

► Extra radio sites along Haul road and load out facility.

► VSAT system extended to provide more bandwidth to include VoIP telephony and more sophisticated IT backhaul.

► VSAT system replaced with a Terrestrial link to the closest town for higher bandwidth at lower cost.

► Emergency and blast tone alert system, activated remotely by mine supervisory staff. Tone transmitted across all radio channels.

► Integration of fixed consoles at Project office to give access to the Radio network.

► VoIP telephone PABX at site with local calls to the closest major city.

► Access to the radio network from Mine and major sub contractor Head offices via Internet. Access provided by \"soft console\" applications running on PCs at head offices.



Mine Site Operation (Phase 3)

Site Characteristics

► 100 Staff on site.

► Some living on site, some in the closest town and commuting on a daily basis.

► The administration office is site.

► No cellular coverage available.

► Requires communications for safety and efficiency. Less traffic than during construction phase.



► Multi channel UHF Radio System on site, (but less channels than during construction phase).

► Terrestrial link to public infrastructure in closest town, (built during construction phase).

► Permanent radio sites for Mine Site, Administration Area and Haul Road.

► Radio infrastructure for mine data despatch, (could be across Radio or Wireless LAN).

► Bore fields telemetry systems