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Remcom’s second-generation RCP-2 is an Australian-made transportable remote communication platform that provides an alternative to the high costs associated with fixed radio base stations.   The system is designed to cater for project sites with less than 150 people and can be scaled down to sites with 1-2 people on site, and are typically used within the mining, exploration, construction and infrastructure sectors.

The RCP-2 features:

► A rugged, cyclone-rated, transportable communications platform

► Solar, wind-powered and 240VAC-powered versions

► Communication with remote sites—by voice or by data—from any worldwide location

► Access to the internet and the public telecommunications infrastructure—from anywhere

Read the full Specifications for the RCP-2.

Backhaul options

The link between the RCP-2 remote site and the public telecommunications and internet infrastructure is implemented by one or more of the following services:

► VSAT—satellite connection to our Adelaide satellite centre

► NextG—Telstra wireless connection (where available)

► Private microwave link—where the RCP-2 is within 80 km of a suitable infrastructure access point.



Rack and power configuration options